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Koi Kratom Gummies

50mg MIT per gummy • 10 gummies per jar

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Lab Tested
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Natural Kratom Extract
50mg MIT per Gummy 50mg MIT per Gummy
50mg MIT per Gummy
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SourLemon, Berry Punch, Strawberry Apple

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Your best-feeling day is just a bite away. Koi Kratom Gummies deliver 50 mg of Mitragynine per gummy to decrease procrastination, boost energy, and enhance your focus. Made from kratom extract derived from the finest crushed leaves from our Southeast Asia farms. Your go-to kickstart to a strong day or to power through an afternoon slump. • Naturally amplifies mood, energy, and focus • Available in three sweet fruit flavors: Berry Punch, Sour Lemon, Strawberry Apple • 50 mg MIT (Mitragynine) per gummy • Comes in 10-count jars Suggested Use Adults take ½ gummy every 6 hours or as desired. Storage Store in a cool, dry location away from light. Do not use if seal is broken or missing.

Sugar, Corn Syrup, Pectin, Sunflower Oil, Water, Flavoring, Sodium Citrate, Sodium Acid Sulfate, Citric Acid, Natural and Artificial Food Coloring, 50 mg Kratom Extract

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• Keep out of the reach of children. • Not intended for use by anyone under 21 years of age. • May cause drowsiness. • Do not operate a vehicle or heavy equipment when taking this product. • Do not use if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have a medical condition, or are taking any medications. • Consult your physician before use. • Do not take this product if you are subject to drug testing.



The time for kratom is here. The widely popular plant from Asia is now widely available, with more and more people discovering its exciting benefits. Kratom is known for its energizing and stimulating effects and has been consumed for centuries to feel and function better. But alas! You and other kratom fans can now get it in all forms – including a new and most interesting one, kratom gummies. 


If you're only hearing about kratom gummies for the first time, we have everything you need to know to buy and enjoy them like a pro. Yes, you can choose from different forms of kratom products, but we're most fond of kratom gummies, and we believe you will soon be too.

What is Kratom?

Before jumping into the lowdown on kratom gummies, let's review some background. That way, you're fully prepped to make the right choice when buying gummies. So where best to start than understanding what kratom is? 


Kratom is a tropical, evergreen tree in various Asian countries like Thailand, Malaysia, and Southeast Asia. The people living in these areas have used parts of the plant, like the leaves, the stem, and the veins. They contain certain active ingredients that deliver mood-boosting and energizing effects and some potential other natural health benefits. To the people living in these areas, kratom is far from new. 


Over the last few years, kratom has entered the U.S. You've likely noticed. Today, kratom leaves, extracts, and powders are a mainstay in natural health shops, much to the excitement of anybody who appreciates natural wellness solutions. 


Traditionally, the kratom leaves were chewed, dried, smoked, or used to make tea. While you can still use kratom powder to make tea, today, there are even more ways to enjoy kratom, like the following:


     • Kratom powders 
     • Kratom extracts 
     • Kratom capsules 
     • Whole or crushed kratom leaves 
     • Kratom gummies (our favorite!)


Kratom is federally legal in the U.S. There are no federal laws prohibiting its purchase, possession, or consumption. This means you can purchase and consume kratom products freely. 


However, states and municipalities can make laws restricting or limiting the use and possession of kratom. And some have. It's crucial to review the local kratom laws where you live.

Types of Kratom

You may notice references to different kratom strains as you look at what's out there for kratom gummies. This is because each kratom strain can have unique effects. 


At Koi, we use pure kratom extract. This means that the mitragynine content within the plant is isolated, removing the other compounds in the plant. So, with our gummies, the strains that it comes from do not affect the type of experience you have. It also means you can expect a much more potent kratom gummy. 


If you're interested in the various kratom strains, here is an overview of them and the types of effects they're known for producing.

White vein kratom

White kratom is harvested from young kratom trees. It's preferred by those looking for an uplifting experience. It can have intense effects that beginners might not appreciate but can be rewarding for seasoned kratom fans who have experience with various kratom types. 


The best white kratom is harvested while the leaves of the kratom tree are still young and the veins are white. After harvesting, the leaves are entirely dried indoors with no lights. 

White kratom tends to have the highest mitragynine content of any strain (except for Maeng Da). 


People who have tried white kratom report mild energizing effects, and this strain is associated with alertness and increased energy in lower quantities.

Red vein kratom

You can also find kratom gummies made from red vein kratom strains. This strain is most famous for its calming and potential sleep support benefits. It is harvested from the most mature kratom trees and often has the highest 7-hydroxymigranine content. 


Red kratom leaves are processed using lots of sunlight. Manufacturers may also use a UV lamp for the drying process. 


Red kratom is also fermented during the process to create bentuangie kratom. It is a slightly different variation from the standard red kratom. 

Red kratom is the mellowest among the main kratom strains. It's not stimulating, making it more appealing to new kratom consumers than its green and white counterparts. The most reported effects of red kratom are mild relaxing effects that help you unwind after a busy day.

Green vein kratom

Green vein kratom is a middle road between white and red kratom. It is thought to offer similar stimulant effects to white kratom and is harvested in the middle stages of the kratom tree's life cycle. 


Green kratom leaves are initially dried indoors, in air-conditioned rooms, then moved outside to complete the drying process. Green kratom has more subtle effects than its white vein counterparts but retains some potent stimulant effects. Other reported effects of green vein kratom include a mild energy boost. Consumers also say that it produces better mental clarity that helps you focus on tasks with greater endurance.

Other Types and Kratom Varieties

Other kratom varieties exist within the three main kratom strains, and they're organized according to the types of effects they produce. Some might also blend one, two, or more different kratom strains. They boast more subtle differences like increased potency or longer-lasting results.


     • Maeng Da - This is a variety of kratom originally grown in Thailand. But now growers replicate the farming practices to grow Maeng Da varieties elsewhere. You can find Maeng Da kratom in both red and white kratom. It produces a boost of energy and a feeling of mental clarity.

     • Sumatra - This kratom type comes from the island of Sumatra in Indonesia. It comes in red and white variants. Red Sumatra is reported to have excellent stress-relief properties and can be helpful for sleep support, while the white variant has energizing effects. It might also help with a long-term focus to last the whole day.

     • Borneo - Borneo is the most popular kratom producer in the world. The island's climate and rich biodiversity present incredible cultivation conditions for white, red, and green varieties of Borneo kratom.

     • Malay - Malay kratom is revered for its potential and stimulating benefits, among other wellness benefits. It's less potent than other strains in calming stress or natural relief, but the effects are noticeable. It's often combined with different strains to counter the effects of other kratom types.


You can expect to experience any of these benefits with Koi Kratom Gummies. Everyone's body makeup is different, so the effects can vary. Those who have used them have reported different feelings and results.


For centuries, kratom has been recognized for its many benefits. While more research is needed, there are anecdotal and forum reports indicating that kratom might help in these areas:

Energy booster

The most common reason people turn to kratom is its stimulating effects. Kratom is well recognized as having energizing properties that help you feel more motivated to do more. Most kratom consumers have reported increased vitality after taking kratom. Although kratom has well-known soothing properties, it is also thought to increase the circulation of oxygenated blood and offer bursts of energy.

Promotes Calm

Kratom is also widely used because it's thought to elicit a sense of calm. Kratom gummies may be helpful if faced with a particularly stressful time. It's unclear how kratom achieves this, but experts suggest it might regulate hormones and enhance chemical balance to help you calm down and feel more centered.You can use this widget to input text into the page.

Mood booster

It's also widespread for people to use kratom because of its natural mood-promoting properties. Those who use kratom regularly share that the extract helps them feel more optimistic and upbeat. 


Kratom contains alkaloids that might help support mood and balance emotions. When you ingest kratom, its active compounds attach to receptors that influence mood. Through interaction with these receptor sites, kratom can elevate your mood, making you feel more energized and less stressed.

Body relaxation

Kratom is thought to support soothing body tension, potentially helping you feel physically better. In addition, by interacting with receptors in the body, kratom may positively influence serotonin and dopamine levels, which could help better regulate many bodily functions. 


Consumers report that these effects can last up to six hours after consumption which can be helpful for a good night's sleep.

How Kratom Works

Considering how many benefits kratom might have, it's common for consumers to wonder how it works to deliver all those benefits. Unfortunately, research on the functioning of kratom and how it interacts with the body are still needed. But some theories and hypotheses try to explain how kratom works in the body. 


Kratom can act on various receptors in the brain. By interacting with the receptors, the active compounds in kratom can support better mood, focus, energy, and motivation.

What are Kratom Gummies?

Kratom gummies are a new and exciting way to enjoy kratom and its mood-elevating, stimulating benefits. They're bite-sized, cubed-shaped, and chewy, with a sweet flavor you'll look forward to. 


Back in the day, people took kratom by chewing the leaves, drying them, and smoking them or making tea with them. But kratom naturally has a bitter flavor. So, of course, the taste isn't the best, especially when chewing the raw leaves. 


With kratom gummies, you have a new, more flavorful way to enjoy kratom without worrying about the full-on bitter taste of the kratom leaves. Think of it as a delicious and convenient way to enjoy the benefits of kratom. 


At Koi, our gummies contain a consistent concentration of potent pure kratom extract. They allow you to take an exact amount of kratom quickly and enjoyably. You can easily increase or decrease your kratom intake by taking more gummies or cutting them in halves or quarters.

Why Should You Consider Kratom Gummies?

There's no shortage of kratom products on the market. So, why should you go for kratom gummies? There are plenty of reasons why kratom gummies are in the spotlight.


You can never go wrong with kratom gummies if you're big on flavor. They come in multiple tropical and fruity flavors that will wow your taste buds and leave you wanting more. Our gummies are infused with sweet flavors that add a new dimension to how you enjoy kratom. While you'll still taste some of kratom's bitterness, the gummies' sweetness helps curb some of the natural taste of kratom and make your kratom routine more enjoyable.

Slow release and longer-lasting effects

Taking kratom orally comes with a delayed onset of effects. This is because the gummies must go through digestion, and during absorption, the active compounds are absorbed into the bloodstream in small amounts at a time. But this also means you can enjoy a slow release for longer-lasting benefits. The effects gradually kick in until they peak and then gradually reduce. This gradual increase and decrease make kratom gummies ideal if you want your kratom effects to last longer.


Because we chose to make our kratom gummies with pure kratom extract, you can enjoy a high concentration of kratom in a bite-sized chew. Our gummies contain 50 mg of mitragynine for more powerfully invigorating and mood-lifting effects. If you regularly use kratom, this is a big plus to help you power through your day. And if you're a beginner and do well with a smaller serving, you can easily adjust your intake by cutting the gummies into halves or quarters.


Kratom gummies are highly portable. They come in compact, resealable jars that you can easily carry around. They only take up a little space so you can take them in a small bag or suitcase. You get to take your favorite kratom supplement everywhere you go.


Kratom might be popular, but gummies are a great choice if you'd prefer to keep your kratom routine to yourself. They appear just like other wellness gummies, so outsiders cannot differentiate them on looks alone. That makes them easy to take in public without unwanted attention from bystanders.

Pre-measured servings

With some kratom products, you have to measure out servings. And with others, you have no idea how much kratom you're getting. Gummies are a great solution if you want to know precisely how much kratom you consume. They're also a great go-to if you want a convenient option and prefer to avoid any measuring. 


With kratom gummies, you never have to measure anything again. The gummies are carefully blended with a consistent concentration of mitragynine. All that's left is to decide how many gummies you need to take to get to your ideal daily serving.


The one thing about kratom gummies is that there's a catch to enjoying their benefits – finding the right gummies. 


Finding a reliable and high-quality kratom gummy will make or break your experience. Remember that government agencies do not regulate the kratom industry. That makes finding a trustworthy and reputable supplier even more crucial. This is where we come in. 


At Koi, we know you rely on us for quality kratom gummies. So, we put rigorous manufacturing and testing processes in place to ensure the highest quality kratom gummy on the market. But we are also about providing you with an enjoyable and tasty kratom experience. So many kratom fans have tried our gummies and love them, and we know you will too because:

Best-quality pure kratom extract

Kratom is at the heart of our kratom gummies, and we use the best pure kratom extract for the best, most potent gummies. We work with partners specializing in sourcing kratom extract from the best kratom plants harvested at the perfect time. Our kratom gummies have a robust alkaloid profile to guarantee you get the desired effects from our gummies.

Quality ingredients

We use food-grade ingredients and flavors for our kratom gummies. We go for a simple formula that focuses on delivering flavor and kratom's benefits. We use the best quality ingredients to ensure you enjoy every bit of your gummy experience. The gummies have a tremendous soft consistency, and the flavors are sweetly delicious. You can find the complete ingredients list on our website, so you have nothing to worry about but focusing on getting the best experience.

Third-party lab tested

We know every brand says their kratom gummies are the best. But you don't have to take our word for it. We have every batch of our kratom gummies tested by third-party, ISO-certified labs. The gummies undergo testing for purity, composition, and potency. So when you buy Koi Kratom Gummies, you're assured they contain the amount of kratom on the package, are pure, and don't contain any contaminants. 


We have the certificates of analysis available on our website, where you can view them before buying the gummies.

Packed with flavor

Your kratom gummy experience shouldn't just be about the benefits of kratom. You should also enjoy it. Kratom naturally has a very bitter flavor. So, we pack our gummies with tons of flavor to help enhance your routine. You can choose from several flavors to suit your preference.

Factors to Consider When Buying Kratom Gummies

Buying kratom gummies isn't something you should take lightly. Take every precaution to ensure you get the best gummies possible. With multiple brands, finding the right one is a challenge. However, a few factors should help you sort through the low-quality and land on the right one.

Brand reputation

When it comes to kratom gummies, always go with reputable brands. In most cases, these are older brands that have been around for some time and have a history of delivering quality products. You can check how long the brand has been around and if its customers are happy with the products they've gotten from them.

Customer reviews

When it comes to kratom gummies, always go with reputable brands. In most cases, these are older brands that have been around for some time and have a history of delivering quality products. You can check how long the brand has been around and if its customers are happy with the products they've gotten from them.

Third-party lab reviews

Only purchase kratom gummies from companies that have had their gummies third-party tested and they have certificates of analysis ready.

Type of kratom

Finally, you can check the kind of kratom used to make the gummies. Ensure you pick gummies made with pure kratom extract that can deliver the powerful effects you're looking for.


Also, take time to select kratom gummies of the right kratom strength. The strength varies depending on the type of kratom, so ensure you pick the correct potency. It makes a huge difference in delivering the expected results.

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Legal Status

Yes, Kratom is legal in the United States. States and municipalities can elect to label it as a controlled substance. In these circumstances, you cannot legally possess, grow, or sell kratom in those states.

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