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Lab Tested
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Potent Formulas
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Natural Kratom Extract
Feel Happier
Feel Happier
Set the path for your best day. Kratom bursts with plant-based power to encourage natural relief and amplify your spirits.
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Think Clearer
Stay cool and collected, even under stress. Kratom provides a calm, focused flow when your mind needs to feel and perform its best.
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Get Motivated
No more procrastination. Kratom delivers the momentum to start your morning supercharged or power through the afternoon slump.


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While you have options, we trust the effort we've put into creating our line of kratom products.

Our sought-after, premium kratom gummies, kratom capsules, and kratom shots feature the highest-quality extract and are rigorously tested for purity.

Every Koi product is crafted with taste in mind and tested by our team, because enjoying the journey is just as important as where you're going.

No more compromising. No more uncertainty. You can count on Koi for reliably high-quality kratom products that make every day great.


Founded in 2015 to help people feel and live better, Koi delivers premier plant-derived products that provide an elevated experience balanced by wellness and recreation. Always thinking forward, we’re a passionate group in constant pursuit of developing cutting-edge products to solve life’s challenges. Our kratom products reflect this innovative mindset. We care deeply about being your trusted source for high-quality kratom gummies. Each Koi Kratom product is carefully crafted from the finest crushed leaves from our Southeast Asia farms, rigorously tested for safety + quality, with a sweet fruit flavor that delivers a good mood and laser focus in every bite.


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Used for centuries to support wellness and stimulation, kratom is now more widely used than ever before. This relatedly new addition to the natural health space is now a go-to for those interested in natural mood and energy enhancement. Today, it's almost impossible to visit a natural health store or website without seeing kratom in the spotlight. 

One downside to most kratom products on the market is their taste. Kratom has a sharp, bitter taste that can be harsh to swallow when taken in the form of kratom powders or kratom teas. For most, this unique grassy taste is not something to look forward to taking every morning. 

So, at Koi, we decided to do what we do best – make using plant extracts enjoyable. So, we developed delicious kratom gummies that we think will be an excellent addition to your natural wellness routine. They have all the kratom extract you need, with flavor that makes taking your kratom product something you'll look forward to.

What is Kratom?

Assuming this is the first time you've heard of kratom, it's best to begin by understanding what it is and its benefits. 

Although many people have only recently become aware of kratom, it is far from new. Its scientific name is mitragyna speciosa, and it is a tropical tree that is native to Southeast Asia. The tree is in the coffee family and is known for its long roots. However, the sought-after part of the plant is the leaves. They contain chemical compounds used for generations to feel and function better. 

Some use kratom leaves to stimulate the mind and energize the body. Others have credited kratom for its body-relaxing properties that may be helpful for soothing tightness.

The benefits of the kratom platform are courtesy of its active compounds, which are mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine. These compounds interact with various receptors in the body to produce the stimulating effects kratom has come to be known for. 


Most kratom benefits are from anecdotal reports. However, there's plenty to learn about the plant and its effects. With its meteoritic rise to popularity, research into what it offers could improve and provide more insight into kratom and its benefits.

These are mainly wellness benefits that can improve your days, and they've contributed significantly to the popularity of kratom. These benefits include:


Energy boost

The energizing properties of kratom are well recognized in its native land. Laborers in native Southeast Asia chewed kratom leaves to keep them energized while in the field. These energizing properties of kratom are primarily due to its mitragynine content. This chemical compound has potential immense energy-boosting properties that can encourage motivation and focus. 

Consumer reports indicate that lighter kratom strains have better energy-boosting potential because they contain more mitragynine. However, these energy-boosting properties can depend on the amount of kratom you take. However, a moderate serving should do the trick. At low amounts, kratom could induce a sense of calmness, while it may increase alertness at higher servings.


Mood elevation

Kratom can also boost your mood. Kratom's impact on your spirit and sense of happiness is due to its interaction with the receptors in the brain. While kratom itself is not an opioid, it appears to work by interacting with the opioid receptors in the brain, producing its mood-elevating properties. While more research is needed, kratom fans report it helps them feel happier and more enthusiastic.

Stress relief

Kratom may help you stay calmer and more relaxed. Historically, people in native countries where kratom comes from have used kratom leaves before attending social events to shake off the edge before attending the events. 

Kratom might also help you think more clearly. Most people who use kratom say that it makes them feel more focused with a calm thoughtfulness after taking it.


Kratom products are federally legal. No federal laws limit or prohibit the purchase, possession, or consumption of kratom. While the FDA has not approved kratom for medical use, it is generally legal in the United States. 

However, some states and municipalities have laws restricting kratom possession, growing, and use. Other states passed legislation to regulate its purchase and use, including limiting synthetic kratom or imposing an age requirement.



Experts believe kratom is metabolized in the liver and changed into 7-OH-mitragynine. Eventually, other enzymes break it down further. Scientists believe that the 7-OH-mitragynine causes many of kratom's known effects. However, the exact functioning mechanism of kratom is still unknown. Still, scientists believe that it binds to specific brain receptors to produce calming, relaxing, and stimulating effects.

What are Kratom Gummies?

Kratom gummies are the newest kratom product on the market. For kratom fans, you no longer must worry about its distinctive bitter taste. Instead, Kratom gummies provide a tastier and bite-sized way to enjoy the benefits of kratom. 

Thanks to the delicious flavors, our kratom gummies make taking your kratom easier than other forms. Plus, they contain a consistent concentration of pure kratom extract, so you know precisely how much kratom you get every time. 

The gummies ensure your kratom needs well-taken care of with a potent kratom extract blend in the form of a sweet-flavored, chewable cube.



The kratom market is not as diverse as other plant extracts. Overall, there's very little to choose from. Right now, you're primarily limited to kratom powder, capsules, and kratom extract. Most of these options leave much to be desired. Those that do still require that you can stand the full-on bitter taste of kratom. 

Our kratom gummies are an alternative that all kratom fans will appreciate. They offer a solution to most of the challenges that kratom enthusiasts have been facing and feature advantages like:

Quick and easy

Nearly every other kratom product on the market presents unique challenges in taking them down. Kratom powders often require making tea, and the taste is not the best. While capsules are much more straightforward, studies show up to 40% of adults struggle swallowing pills. 

Gummies help solve this problem because you don't have to swallow them whole. They are soft and easy to chew.

Various flavors

Gummies are a great way to keep up with your kratom routine. Compared to other kratom products out there, they taste much better. Because of their unique flavors, you're always looking forward to the next time you take the gummies. 

The gummies come in multiple flavors, so you can easily find what you will love. Tablets can have a funny aftertaste that is hard to avoid. The same applies to kratom powder and extract. With gummies, you have a range of fun flavors and colors that make them irresistible and add a fun aspect to your kratom supplement routine.


Kratom gummies are perfect for busy people who are always on the road. They are portable and lightweight, so you can take them on the road. Unlike kratom powder, which requires you to boil water to make tea or blend a drink, or capsules that need you to have some water, gummies are different. They don't require any water or special storage conditions. 


You can take the gummies whenever the need arises. You pop them and put them in your mouth. You can take gummies wherever you are – on the bus, at the park, at work, or right before dinner. They don't require any preparations or special conditions to take.

Easier to digest

If you have a sensitive stomach, kratom gummies might be a better choice for you. This is because it's easier for the body to process them, and they digest faster than most powders and capsules, meaning the kratom enters the bloodstream more quickly. 

While the gummies are in your mouth, some kratom might be absorbed through the buccal cavity sublingually, so you might start experiencing the effects sooner than expected.


Kratom has been well received, mainly because more people know its benefits. However, when taking some forms of kratom, you may draw some curious looks. If you're the private type that wants to enjoy everything discretely, kratom gummies are perfect for you. 

Kratom gummies look like other types of wellness gummies, which are extremely popular. No one will suspect a thing when seeing you pop a few in your mouth. They're the perfect partner in crime for discrete kratom consumers, and you should consider gummies if you'd prefer to keep your new routine to yourself.


Beginner friendly

As you poke around the kratom scene, you will notice that everyone advises that you should be considerate with the amount of kratom you take. For new kratom consumers, getting the servings right can be challenging, mainly because, at first, the amount might be low. 

Gummies take the guesswork out of the equation. The gummies are pre-measured. If you find the gummies are too potent, you can easily subdivide the gummies into halves or quarters. That way, you never have to worry about taking more kratom than what you need. 

Whether new to kratom or an experienced consumer, our kratom gummies will provide a better way to enjoy kratom. You will love our flavor selection and the different flavors of kratom gummies we offer.


Kratom can come in different strains. Each kratom strain has specific enhanced effects. Some are better for stimulation and alertness, and others provide superior relaxation and calming effects.

At Koi, our Kratom Gummies are made with pure kratom extract. This means the strain that it comes from does not affect the experience you will have. We prefer this pure kratom extract because it delivers more concentrated alkaloids, specifically mitragynine, for stronger effects.

Still, as you’re looking for kratom gummies, you may come across different kratom strains. So it’s best to understand them. Common kratom strains include:


White vein kratom

White vein kratom is the most popular kratom blend. It's the perfect start to your day if you want to start with a boost of energy and positivity. White vein kratom is also thought to help with healthier stress responses and mental clarity. 

White vein kratom comes in various types of kratom, including white Thai, white Sumatra, and white vein Indo. 

White vein kratom has diverse applications. Some expected benefits of white kratom include mood enhancement and energizing effects. It might also help with feeling a sense of calm. 

If you're starting, it helps to keep your white vein kratom intake low to assess the effects and determine whether you should increase it. White kratom gummies are perfect if you're struggling with stress or want to be more alert and focused on essential tasks.

Red vein kratom

Most kratom consumers are in love with red vein kratom. It has received gleaming reports among kratom consumers and easily rivals the popularity of white vein kratom. 

Red vein kratom is best known for its calming properties. It's ideal for kratom fans who want to relax at the end of a busy day and enjoy that calming sensation. 

Red kratom is more potent than the green and white variants. It has superior body-soothing properties and helps you relax quickly and naturally. 

Available kratom types in the red vein kratom strain include red Thai, Red Sumatra, and Pontianak Red Horn. Red vein kratom is preferable among enthusiasts that have trouble sleeping and want to relax more easily. Reports also show that red vein kratom gummies have many potential benefits, including elevating mood and overall well-being.

Green vein kratom

This is the second most potent kratom strain on the market. It sits right behind white kratom. It has more subtle effects that are perfect for intermediate consumers who find white vein kratom too strong and red vein too mild. 

Consuming green vein kratom produces a mild energy boost without a crash or fuzziness that can come with other energizing and stimulation options. It's a great way to kick-start a busy day. Green kratom is also said to improve focus, clarity, and performance. 

Common types of green vein kratom include Malaysian Green and Pontianak Green Horn.


Every strain of kratom has the effects it "specializes" in. But at Koi, we make our gummies with pure kratom extract. This means the kratom strain it comes from won't influence your experience. Instead, rest assured that it's high-quality kratom in its natural, purest form for the most potent benefits.


It's no secret that one of the ways to get the best kratom experience is to find a trustworthy kratom brand that understands kratom and values the desires of its consumers. At Koi, we've been a reliable plant extract source since 2015. As a result, we know what you're looking for in a kratom product, and we crafted our kratom gummies with this in mind. Here are a few reasons why you will love our kratom gummies:

High-quality kratom

We source the best quality pure kratom extract for our gummies. The mitragynine used in our gummies comes from organically grown kratom. We ensure each gummy contains just the right amount of mitragynine to produce effects you can feel. As a result, the gummies are tasty, potent, and easy to take wherever you are.

Premium ingredients

When selecting the ingredients for our kratom gummies, we don't stop at the quality of kratom. All our gummies contain premium and safe ingredients to create the perfect kratom experience. The primary ingredients in our gummies include pectin, sunflower oil, and water. All the ingredients we use in our gummies are safe for human consumption.

Powerful effects

Our gummies don't just taste great but also pack potent effects that make you feel great after taking them. You get the noticeable benefits of kratom with our gummies. You can expect the results to last 4-6 hours after taking the gummies.

Convenient and delicious

Your natural wellness products should be easy and enjoyable to take. Our gummies achieve this goal by coming in perfect, sweetly flavored bite sizes convenient for enjoyment. In addition, the gummies come in resealable packaging to keep them fresh between servings.


Koi is a brand that prides itself on quality and the enjoyment of the thousands of kratom fans that try our gummies. If you're still sitting on the fence trying to find a reliable kratom gummies source that is trustworthy and reputable, here are a few reasons why you should make us your kratom gummies plug:

Best quality kratom

There's no compromising around here. We always strive for the highest quality kratom extract for our gummies. We work with partners that specialize in sourcing the best, organically grown kratom. We know that the best quality gummies begin with finding the best kratom extract to produce the desired results. With us, you never have to worry about the quality of kratom or other ingredients used.

Third-party lab tested

You don't have to take our word for it when it comes to quality. Our kratom gummies are tested to guarantee quality, purity, and potency. We also have the gummies screened for common contaminants like pesticides, herbicides, and heavy metals. We have the certificates of analysis for each batch of gummies on our website, which you can review before buying the gummies.

Packed with flavor

We take great pride in the flavor of our kratom gummies. Our in-house team is dedicated to developing the flavors and ensuring they are perfect. We only release the best-tasting gummies, which we have tested and are confident you will love too!

Quality packaging

We use quality resealable packaging to preserve the quality of the gummies and ensure they retain their freshness until we deliver them to you.


Plenty of hard work and dedication goes into making our kratom gummies. We start by sourcing the highest quality pure kratom extract. Then, we blend it with other premium ingredients using specialized equipment. This ensures consistency in the gummies so that each contains the same amount of mitragynine. 


Each batch of kratom gummies has lot-specific documentation that tracks the gummies throughout production. We follow the cGMP processes and have a transparent production to guarantee the best results for the gummies. Finally, the gummies are sent for third-party lab testing to ensure they're safe and effective.

Factors to Consider When Buying Kratom Gummies

Choosing kratom gummies isn't something you should take lightly. It's easy to pick the first kratom product you come across, but we strongly advise against it. Instead, you should take time to research and select the best gummies. Some of the factors you should consider when buying your first pack of kratom gummies for the best results include the following:

Brand reputation

Brand reputation

Only buy gummies from companies with a track record of quality and diligence in their production process. Go for companies that have been around for years and have positive reviews.
Third-party lab results

Third-party lab results

Only purchase kratom gummies from companies that have had their gummies third-party tested and they have certificates of analysis ready.
Type of kratom

Type of kratom

Finally, you can check the kind of kratom used to make the gummies. Ensure you pick gummies made with pure kratom extract that can deliver the powerful effects you're looking for.